Mike Coacci new single

By Laman Ismayilova

Italian rock star Mike Coacci will present a new single on June 14.

The song "Human" will be released by all digital platforms in association with Rec106 Records.

It’s an unexpected release, as unexpected have been all the latest world events: virus, pandemic emergency and the following lockdown. Right in this scary and hard times, when tension and fear get high that the song "Human" was written, a short Rock diary to put emotions. But "Human" is also an invite to keep up human relationships, overcoming the "social distancing" and defeating a spreading distrust between each other.

To enforce this message the video clip of "Human" will be made by Mike’s fans phone videos sent from all over the world: Italy, USA, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, South Africa, France, China, Japan, etc. A global message to say united: "Stay Human". 

The video will be available on Mike Coacci Official YouTube channel. 

Guitar Gear: 30AS head 


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