Black Dog- Sold Out

The BLACK DOG utilizes an handwired  EL-34 two-channel design.

Clean channel is inspired by the JMP 1986 Marshall "plexi"  amps

Drive channel is inspired by hi sensitive imput of the the JCM800 2203 amps


- Two separate channels, with independent gain 
- Channel "clean" offers JMP tone , with 3 different bright levels
- Channel "drive" offers jcm800 2203 tone, with indipendent gain and volume level 
- Foot-switchable channels
- Switchable for 30 or 15 watts output

Sample Audio

Black Dog-drive channel-Strato

Black Dog drive channel-Les Paul


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Technical Data

  • Output: 30watts RMS
  • Weight: 9kg/19,8 lbs
  • Dimensions:  540mm x 250mm x 260m (feet not included, add 20mm to height)
  • AC operation: 230VAC 50HZ, available 120VAC 60HZ
  • Fuses: 2A MDL mains, 500mA DL high voltage internal.
  • Controls: clean gain, treble, middle, bass, drive gain, drive level, master, presence
  • Switches: power, standby, half power, 3 level bright switch
  • Outputs: speaker impedance, speaker jacks (2)
  • Footswitch
  • FX loop: send, return
  • Output level switch: 30W, 15W
  • AC input: IEC
Manuals & Documents
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