The BLACKDOG MKII was designed for guitarists that want the classic tones reminiscent of great vintage plexis.

"Clean channel" is inspired by the JMP 1986 Marshall "plexi"  amps

"Drive channel" is inspired by hi sensitive input of the the JCM800 2203 amps, but with more gain.


- Two separate channels, with independent gain adn master 
- Channel "clean" offers JMP tone , with 3 different bright levels
- Channel "drive" offers jcm800 2203 tone, with more gain.
- Foot-switchable channels
- Switchable for 30 or 15 watts output


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Technical Data

  • Output: 30watts RMS
  • Weight: 9kg/19,8 lbs
  • Dimensions:  540mm x 250mm x 260m (feet not included, add 20mm to height)
  • AC operation: 230VAC 50HZ, available 120VAC 60HZ
  • Fuses: 2A MDL mains, 500mA DL high voltage internal.
  • Controls: clean gain, treble, middle, bass, drive gain, drive master, clean master, presence
  • Switches: power, standby, half power, 3 level bright switch
  • Outputs: speaker impedance, speaker jacks (2)
  • Footswitch
  • FX loop: send, return
  • Output level switch: 30W, 15W
  • AC input: IEC
Manuals & Documents
Nessun manuale per questo prodotto