MINI800SE €1690

Are you Looking for the famous plexi tone but at manageable levels? The Mini800SE is the one for you. Big and powerful sound, tasty, warm and clean crunch, all at a manageable volume at home as well as in a studio.

Switch in L 

You will be able to reach the typicall Hendrix sound, warm and open at the same time, by playing a stratocaster at high master levels and low gain.

On the othed hand, if you love sounds that are closer to the first ACDC, you just will need to turn gain about 1/2 or 3/4 , connect your sg or or les pauls, and you will have the typical powerful crunch of a full blast plexi.

Switch in H

The sound opens up and becomes more agressive at higher gain levels. Think about the jcm800 vintage hard rock sound, with more controlled bass, creamy leads and big sustain.

Use this setting with humbucker to get the typical 80’ hard sound, and if you need even more gain, just add an overdrive pedal and you will be shocked by it.

Tubes dynamics The mini 800se will give you not only fantasic sounds at very low levels, but also the feeling of a 100W stack. Amazing sensibility at touch, very reactive to your way to play, exactly as the original one. Great sounds at high volume The MINI800SE was dedigned to play at any level, including very low levels during the night. The master is very progressive so that you can adjust the volume with high precision.


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Technical Data


 Controls :

Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Master- Plexi/800  switch

 Features :

Buffered effect loop, 16/8ohms speaker outputs.

 Power :

Single ended, Class A, from 10w to 0,5W with power scaling . Available in 115v or 230v.

 Tubes :

3x 12AX7 + 1x EL34 or 6L6 power tube, no bias needed.

 Construction :

Eyelet board, handwired.

 Dimensions :

41cm wide, 21cm high, 20cm deep x 9kg.

 Recommended speaker :

Celestion g12m creamback Artesound 112OC back

Celestion g10m creamback 1x10" Artesound 1x10" cab


Manuals & Documents
Nessun manuale per questo prodotto