Vibrosound -II €2650

From beautiful blackface clean to tweed crunch.

6l635W or 6V6 20W .


Vibrosound II Henning Pauly
All electric guitar sounds are coming from the Artesound Vibrosound II and the lead guitar uses a simple Tube Screamer Style peda
Inserito: 15/11/2021



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Technical Data


6l6 version: power output 35W

6V6 version.  power output 20W

Controls: Volume, Treble, Body,Bass,Reverb, Speed, Intensity
Two imput Fet and Normal
4/8 ohm speker output
Foot switch Tremolo-Reverb
Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7
Reverb driver: 12AT7
Power Tubes: 2x 6l6GC TAD
Rectifier 1-5AR4
Dimension 56cm, 25cm, 26cm
Weight 12Kg.
Eyelet board construction
Solid wood hand built cabinet

Manuals & Documents
Nessun manuale per questo prodotto