Vibrotweed €3000 SOLD OUT

The VibroTweed is a new Artesound amp. The output is 18W, powered by a couple of 6V6 tubes Two Channel layout: tweed style and BlackFace Deluxe reverb style Spring reverb and tremolo in both channels. 100% Hand Wired Available in combo or head configurations.

After various tests, the final choice of speaker for this combo ended up in the favour of the Jensen Blackbird 40.
The Blackbird 40 is the first speaker in the Jet Series featuring Jensen's exclusive Reinforced AlNiCo magnet technology. The voice of the Blackbird 40 offers a powerful, controlled bass range and all the sparkly brilliance that is typical of the classic Jensen Speakers. 

Another nice side effect of choosing this speaker element is 2.5kg less than the average weight of ceramic magnet speakers, thus reducing the total weight of this combo to around 16kg. 


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Technical Data


- Configuration: 20W, 6V6 tubes 1×12 Two Channel Combo

- Speaker: Jensen Blackbird AlNiCo 12/40
- Preamp: 2-Channel (Blackface, Tweed), Footswitchable
- Blackface Channel controls: Volume, Treble,Body, Bass
- Tweed Channel controls: Volume, Tone
- Reverb in both channels
- Tube Driven spring reverb
- Full size 2-spring reverb tank
- Tremolo in both channels
- Bias modulation type tremolo circuit
- Footswitch controllable
- Tubes: 3x12AX7A, 1x12AT7, 2x6V6GT, 1x5AR4.
- Dimensions: 54x53x27 cm.
- Weight: 18 Kg.
- cabinet: handmade antiqued solid maple.

Manuals & Documents